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Trade Promotion Management: Just One Contract with Multiple Contractual Obligations

If you’re a foodservice manufacturer, then you know there are multiple types of contracts that you need to set up in order to properly run your trade promotion business.  It can be difficult to keep up with all the different contract numbers and products for the same contractee.  Unfortunately, most contract management systems force you to create separate contracts for each type of agreement that’s needed.

What if there was another way?  Would you be interested?  Of course you would!  The good news is that there is another way!  GoSimple offers an affordable and easy to use trade promotion management system that allows you to create multiple contractual obligations within one agreement.

Here are some of the different types of contracts that can be rolled into one.

Operator Rebate – This type of contract is where the operator invoices the manufacturer and the manufacturer pays back the operator based on an agreed upon rate or percent to the operator for products sold.

Deviated Billback – This type of contract is where the distributor invoices the manufacturer and the manufacturer pays back the distributor based on an agreed upon rate or percent for products sold.

Lump Sum – This type of contract is where the manufacturer pays back a distributor for various types of market support type invoices (i.e. booth fees, flyers, golf outings, etc.).

How other contract management systems work when you need multiple types of contracts created:

You will have to create three separate contracts with separate contract IDs.


How GoSimple’s contract management system works when you need multiple types of contracts created:

GoSimple allows you to create one single contract that contains multiple contractual obligations.  Plus, within one contract you can price at multiple UOM’s, do dollar rebates or percent rebates, fixed price or fixed rate, and even growth programs!


GoSimple offers your sales team the opportunity to cut time on your trade promotion management process by only having to create one contract that contains multiple contractual obligations.  How will this help your sales team?

Increased Productivity – Your sales team will have more time to focus on analyzing the data against their contracts rather than spending time creating multiple contracts.

Consistency – Your sales team will be more consistent in ensuring your customers have the correct contract ID because they will all receive the same one.

Increased Efficiency – Rather than having to monitor multiple contracts, your sales team will only have one contract to maintain.

Contract creation can be time consuming.  So, if you’re having to create multiple contracts for your operator rebates, deviated billbacks, and lump sums, then you’re spending a lot of time on contract creation.  Let GoSimple’s manufacturer solutions make your life easier with our easy to use, drag and drop contract management system.  Contact GoSimple today to request a demonstration!

Brian Maloney

Brian Maloney

Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple
Brian Maloney is the Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple. He has been in the foodservice industry for 20+ years.He has extensive knowledge in claim acquisition, contract management, and trade spend analytics. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.
Brian Maloney

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