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Is Your Trade Promotion Management Meeting Needs?

trade promotion managementEnterprises that wish to achieve sustained business growth should be thinking about how their systems work together.

Source: 5 ways integrated technology solutions makes your restaurants smarter


Restaurants are becoming more reliant on technology in their day-to-day operations. Customers and employees have come to expect a certain level of technology in the daily operations of life. It’s only natural that restaurants would start implementing solutions to make their restaurant operations smarter using technology.

What about foodservice manufacturers?

Many foodservice manufacturers are behind the times when it comes to technology in their trade promotion management process. They are still using spreadsheets or homegrown solutions that are no longer meeting the needs of their business.

It’s time for manufacturers to do an audit of their entire foodservice trade promotion management process to determine if they need an upgrade. It’s easy to get stuck in a process because that’s how it’s always been done. Not to mention it takes time to review and implement new processes and solutions.

While it may take time to step back and audit your current process…you may find if you don’t, your customers will go elsewhere.

B2B buyer expectations have changed. Has your trade promotion management process changed to meet the needs of your buyers?

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foodservice trade promotion management

Broker Commission w/in Trade Promotion Management Software

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Collaborative Contract Management: Contract Compliance

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Trade Promotion Management: Just One Contract with Multiple Contractual Obligations

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