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Foodservice Manufacturer Solutions

Let’s get right to it… Foodservice Manufacturers today need a trade promotion management solution that can handle functions that Excel and Word just can’t support. If you’re looking for a foodservice manufacturer solution to your trade promotion management needs, then GoSimple™ was made for your business.

GoSimple™ was built to bring many features normally available to Tier 1 Manufacturers, over to the rest of the Manufacturers. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll be able to do:

foodservice manufacturer solution  


Cloud-based contract entry system allows users access to all data from anywhere. Visibility and permissions can be set at the user level to ensure users only see what they should.


The system allows your company to set up an approval workflow process to ensure consistency and accuracy are maintained on all contracts.

foodservice manufactuer contract management approval

foodservice manufacturer claim resolution


Process all claims within the system and validate them against the approved contracts. Validation of claims will ensure you’re only paying what’s been approved based on the contract.


Match open deductions to invoices to identify distributor deductions and stop double dipping using a simple drag & drop feature. Minimize deductions and expenses.

manufacturer deduction balance

foodservice tpm data feeds


Automatically send data feeds to be loaded in the system. This will help keep your products and company data up-to-date to make sure your contracts are using the correct information.


Run canned reports or create your own with a robust drag and drop pivot reporting technology.

foodservice TPM Analytics

Sales funnel CRM


Implement an easy-to-use CRM solution that seamlessly integrates with the Contract module. The CRM module allows you to track your sales points, contact info, set up next steps and load into your calendar, and much more! Everything you need to manage your sales pipeline and none of the features that make typical CRM implementations bulky and hard to use.

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