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Hotels rethink food offerings to cater to today’s consumer

Hotels rethink food offerings to cater to today’s consumer

Hotels are thinking outside the minibar to entice guests with grab-and-go options and treats at check-in.

Source: Hotels rethink food offerings to cater to today’s consumer


There’s a disruption happening across the foodservice landscape. There’s an increasing demand for convenient, customizable, and high-quality food and beverage experiences, especially in the hotel and lodging sector.

This shift in what the customer wants and expects creates more opportunities for food manufacturers. Foodservice manufacturers now have access to more data than ever before. They can analyze the data to find new areas of opportunities with these hotel and lodging operators.

In the referenced article, we learn how Sweet Streets has partnered with several major hotel brands to increase their sales.

“Pre-packaged and thaw-and-serve products give hotel foodservice operators a way to offer delicious, visually appealing food options without added labor or the inconsistency and waste that can come with in-house production, said Diana Duddy, national account director for Sweet Street.”

The right trade promotion management solution will offer the analytics needed to identify opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell with customers.

  • Review current food trends and offer deals on products to help your customers stay up-to-date with their customers.
  • Identify items they’re currently purchasing and find ways to incorporate other products that complement what they’re already purchasing.
  • Identify what products are doing well for your current hotel and lodging customers and then offer those products to customers that aren’t currently purchasing them.
  • Identify unit level locations that are not purchasing the trending products and work to sell them on the products.

Data has come a long way over the years for foodservice trade promotion. Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers or go to your competition. Your data tells a story…it’s up to you to listen and act on it.

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Brian Maloney

Brian Maloney

Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple
Brian Maloney is the Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple. He has been in the foodservice industry for 20+ years.He has extensive knowledge in claim acquisition, contract management, and trade spend analytics. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.
Brian Maloney

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