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Foodservice Claim Acquisition Just Got Easier!

foodservice claim acquisition

Are you tired and stressed out over the claim acquisition hoops you have to jump through in the foodservice industry? There are so many different places that send in their backup for processing, and they’re all in different formats. There’s no standardization and that lack of uniformity causes frustrations and wastes a lot of time.

Build Relationships that Matter

We’ve got some good news for foodservice manufacturers! There’s a better way to get your backup with all of the needed data in a standard format. GoSimple has a relationship with foodservice distributors, wholesalers, and operators to ensure you get the best backup possible. Building a healthy relationship with each of the different companies that you receive claim information from is important to us because it’s important to you. So, we make the extra effort to develop ways to work with these companies to ensure you have the data you need to process claims correctly.

The better our relationship is with these companies, then the better your bottom line will be. We are committed to engaging with you and your vendors on a personal level to help all parties come together for a more streamlined claim acquisition process.

Industry Portal Backup Retrieval

It can be so time-consuming going out to all the various industry portals to obtain your backup. GoSimple wants to make your life and claim acquisition process more efficient. So, we take on the responsibility of going out to all of the portals and retrieving your back. Then, we map the info to your internal products and put it into a standard format for processing. Our efforts will give you the ability to focus on other areas of your business.

Data Feed Back to Your Existing System

GoSimple offers the full TPM solution, but many foodservice manufacturers already have a system in place. If that’s the case, we can send a data feed to your existing system of the standardized backup. These data feeds create a clean and efficient process. All you have to do is load the claim data into your system, which will cut out a lot of the administrative work.

So, if you are looking for a solution to your claim acquisition problems, then we’ve got the solution. Take a look at the below video for a taste of what GoSimple can do to help streamline claim acquisition in your trade promotion management process. Request a demo today!

Alanna Jackson

Sales & Marketing Consultant at GoSimple
Alanna Jackson is a sales & marketing consultant for GoSimple. She has 10+ years of experience in the foodservice industry related to trade promotion management. She is also a founding partner at Jackson Marketing Services, a marketing firm located in Dunedin, Florida.

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