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GoSimple FAQs

Check out GoSimple’s FAQs to determine if our TPM solution is right for your company.  GoSimple tries to make everything simple for our customers.  Trade promotion can be complicated, but the solution you choose doesn’t have to be.  Learn more about our products in these FAQs.  If you still have questions, then contact us!


Can this help me reduce my deduction balance?

It can.  You can load in all your open deductions and then compare with the claims already in the system to see if any of those will help clear up any of your open deductions.  A simple drag/drop screen shows both your open deductions and then available claims/invoices for a particular distributor so you can drag a claim over to an open deduction to help clear it.

It can definitely get more complicated than that, but you get the picture.

What if I don’t want everyone to see all the contracts in the system?

You can set it up to where you control the visibility.  For example…let’s say you have a National Account team and you don’t want your brokers to have access to those contracts…well you can set it up so just the people you want to see them has access to them.

What about Earned Income or Off Invoice contracts?

You can use this to set those types of contracts up as well.  You can set them up as a % or $ per case or LB or whatever unit of measure you’ll be using.

How do I tell my distributors and operators about the deal?

Once the contract is approved, you’ll have access to letters with your legalese on there and all the contract info.  Just hand those out.  This way you now have a standard way all your sales reps will be delivering your rebates & pricing out to the industry.

Can I approve contracts before they go out?

Yes.  There is an approval process built right in.  Sales can enter a deal and then you’re informed to approve/reject it.  You can even build out layered approval processes if you need a person to sub approve it and then you final approve it.

Can my sales team & brokers use this?

Yes.  If they have internet access, they can use it.  Just set them up as a user and give them some rights.

Any hidden costs I should be aware of?

No.  What  you see for pricing is it.  No monthly fluctuations, no hidden costs, nada.

I work with DOT, Distributor Buying Groups, Operator GPO’s, etc…you have that covered?

Yep. Distributors, Re-Distributors, Retailers, Operators, National Accounts, Regional Accounts, GPO’s, Contract Feeders, Schools and other bid programs, Distributor Buying Groups like UniPro, etc. We’ve got you covered.

Do you have to sign up for a long term contract?

No. You do not have to sign up for a long term contract. If we’re not bringing the value, you can leave at any time.

Can data be imported or exported to/from the system?

Yes. You can import your current data into the system. We have layouts already in place that can be used to bring data in or out of the system. For example, you can enter your products into the system one at a time or load up your entire product list all at once.

Can GoSimple be used for any industry?

Yes, GoSimple contract management software can be used with any industry that involves creating contracts.

What does the Set up and Implementation look like?

There is an easy to use Administrative Set Up tool in the system that allows you to get set up in as little as one day. Not kidding. Load in your products, companies, and users and you could start entering contracts, claims, and CRM right after. What may take longer is if you want to automate some inbound and outbound data feeds to/from your ERP.

Also, we’ll help you get set up. You won’t be left alone. Oh, and there are no up front costs. None, nada, zip. If you’re set up properly and successful, we’re successful.

What kind of data feeds can flow in/out of the system?

Instead of manually entering your master data one by one and keeping it updated all the time, you can set up an automated feed so it comes out of your system directly into GoSimple. That’s one example. Here are the feeds:

Feeds that can load into GoSimple:
Product & Product Category
Companies(Distributor, Operators,Retailers,etc)
Sales Feed(Your sales to Distributors)
Open Deductions

Feeds that come out of GoSimple:
Payment Feed(You’re entering claims so this will send you all the info to cut checks etc)
Contract Feed in case you need to load contracts into an ERP
Claim Feed in case you need to load claims into an ERP
Cleared Deductions to help you clear deductions in your ERP

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