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Collaborative Contract Management: Contract Compliance


Source: www.esourcingforum.com

In a post written by Rose Lee, she discusses the importance of contract creation and ensuring contracts have the appropriate wording.  In the foodservice industry, contracts are a huge part of the process for manufacturers.  GoSimple can help improve your contract management.

Manufacturers require contracts between the manufacturer and the distributor as well as the manufacturer and the operator.  So, it’s very important that deviated contracts and operator contracts are written in a way that includes all of the right details and legal verbiage.

GoSimple’s contract managment system allows admin users to go in and update the verbiage in contract letters as needed.  There’s no need to make a request and then have to wait for the updates to be completed by someone else.  GoSimple allows you to take matters into your own hands and make the updates in a timely manner and as needed.  Request a GoSimple demo today!

GoSimple Contract Management for Manufacturers

GoSimple Contract Management for Operators


Brian Maloney

Brian Maloney

Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple
Brian Maloney is the Co-Founder & COO at GoSimple. He has been in the foodservice industry for 20+ years.He has extensive knowledge in claim acquisition, contract management, and trade spend analytics. Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.
Brian Maloney

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