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Category Archives: Operator Rebate Management

Report: Restaurants finish first half of year on high note


operator solutionSame-store sales rise 4.3 percent in June as gap between quick service, casual dining shrinks

Source: nrn.com

The latest MillerPulse survey shows the restaurant industry doing well in the first half of 2015.  Operators are doing well in both the quick serve and casual dining arenas.  In order to keep moving in the right direction, it’s important for operators to stay on top of their sales and manage their purchases with a contract management system like GoSimple.

If you’re responsible for building rebate programs for you various operator locations but don’t have a seamless way of bringing it all together, then GoSimple can help!  Our cloud-based SaaS product allows you to manage your business and increase profits.

GoSimple’s Operator Solution allows you to:

  • Track your distributor purchases
  • Set up Manufacturer rebate programs
  • Build and send invoices to the Manufacturers
  • Collect and reconcile your rebate invoices
  • Analytics reporting

GoSimple’s Operator Solution Product Features:

  • Distributor Files Module:  This module allows you to bring in the distributor purchase feeds and map the info back to your locations, products, etc.
  • Contract Module:  This module allows you to build your manufacturer rebate programs.  SKU level detail with the ability to rebate per UOM, $ or %, and also growth programs with an easy to use drag and drop feature.
  • Invoice Module:  This module allows you to invoice your manufacturers on a schedule chosen by you.  Once scheduled, the invoices will be automatically built and emailed.
  • Reconciliation Module:  This module allows you to reconcile incoming manufacturer rebate checks against invoices.
  • Reporting Module:  This module allows you to analyze your data so you can see your purchases and rebates by location, distributor, manufacturer, product, etc. This will give you the ability to take control and make necessary changes where needed to increase profits.

Want to learn more about GoSimple’s Operator Solution?  Request a demo today!

Collaborative Contract Management: Contract Compliance

Source: www.esourcingforum.com In a post written by Rose Lee, she discusses the importance of contract creation and ensuring contracts have the appropriate wording.  In the foodservice industry, contracts are a huge part of the process for manufacturers.  GoSimple can help improve your contract management. Manufacturers require contracts between the manufacturer and the distributor as well… Continue Reading

How To Get The Most Out Of A Distribution Agreement

An Online Community and Social Network for Foodservice Professionals Source: www.foodservice.com John Krebs touches on some good points to keep in mind when putting together your operator rebate agreements with distributors.  If you don’t have a solid agreement in place, then you need to make that a top priority. If you’re an operator, consider using a contract… Continue Reading

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