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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Trade Promotion Management Software: Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Need It

Trade Promotion ManagementI’m a big fan of Word and Excel, but I know they aren’t the right tools for foodservice trade promotion management.  Sure they might be working for your TPM needs…if you aren’t interested in accessibility and gaining insights to grow your business.  Trade promotion management is more than just a contract.

Foodservice is a complex business.  Don’t miss out on sales improvement opportunities because you’re still keeping track of contracts in Word or Excel.  Invest in a trade promotion management software solution like GoSimple to improve your business process.  Here are some top reasons why foodservice manufacturers should consider investing in trade promotion management software.

  1. Access from Anywhere – With web-based trade promotion management software your sales, marketing, finance, and broker teams will be able to access contracts and reporting from anywhere and view the same information at the same time.
  2. Contract Consistency – Trade promotion management software provides a structured environment for contracts to be set up with consistency across your organization. Consistency in contract setup will ensure less mistakes and the ability to easily move accounts around during internal organizational changes.
  3. Claim Validation Against Contracts – Ensuring claims are validated against contracts will save money against invalid billbacks. A trade promotion management system will give you the ability to easily bump claims up against contracts and verify what on the invoice should be paid out.
  4. Contract Hierarchy View and Approval Process – The right system will allow you to set up a simple or complex hierarchy. This will act as a safeguard for your organization to limit visibility to accounts and data – make sure the right people have access to the appropriate information.  Also, a hierarchy approval process will provide the ability to be more accurate with contract set up by making sure the right people are reviewing contracts prior to approval.
  5. Analytics – Robust reporting is extremely important to any business and trade promotion management is no exception. Having access to in depth reporting capabilities will provide your organization the insight it needs to improve profit and loss.

If you’re still managing your trade promotion in Word or Excel, then maybe it’s time you look into a contract management system.  GoSimple has all of the features you need to easily manage and gain a deeper understanding into your data to improve sales.  Contact GoSimple today to request a demo!

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