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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Foodservice Operators: Gain Control Over Expenses

Foodservice Operators: Gain Control Over Expenses

Let’s face it: the poor performance of the economy over the last several years has caused a shift in consumer spending. Dollars once spent dining out are now spent on either preparing meals at home or dining at less expensive venues. In this economic environment, multi-unit operators and chains have had to close units as a short-term cure to prevent a possible bankruptcy.

What can concerned operators do now to prevent future issues that can lead to unit closures or bankruptcy? It comes down to dealing with your expenses so they don’t get out of control.

It’s very easy for foodservice operators get super busy in the normal, everyday routine. That means things slip and “money gets left on the table.”

Many of those dollars “left on the table” are lost in normal transactions between operators and their suppliers, vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. It may be in the form of accidental pricing errors. Maybe it’s due to a poorly conveyed contract agreement information. These seem minor in nature — especially on an individual basis —  but failing to deal with them one month can result in eleven more problems that year.

What multi-unit operators need is an application that provides a total contract management solution focused on the needs of the operator. It should help you create a more precise contract discipline to provide key unit compliance information and financial savings for all your purchases.

If your business could use this kind of solution, give us a call to discuss how OperatorGo™ can help your operation.

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