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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Are You Looking for Trade Promotion “Results” or “Solutions”?

Are You Looking for Trade Promotion “Results” or “Solutions”?

Often what food & beverage industry decision makers are looking for are trade promotion management results, but most vendors are just pushing solutions. What’s the difference you may ask? One begets the other, right? A solution can provide results, but only if it’s the right solution, implemented in the right way, at the right time, for the right customer.

That’s how GoSimple is different from your typical trade promotion software provider.

If you have looked at any of our competitors — especially the ones serving larger manufacturers — it’s incredibly easy to get lost in a sea of “solution features” and potential customizations when all you really want to do is to learn about the results the tools provide. Our programs are flexible, easy-to-use, and ready to go within a day because we focus on offering core features that yield big results.

GoSimple’s ContractGoTM trade promotion management software provides manufacturers with a lot of great benefits and results related to managing risk.

  • Decreased potential for lost sales & increased deductions. Your trade promotion contracts are safe with the ContractGo platform. Your organization’s trade promotion agreements are centralized. The ease of contract entry and management ensures that drafts, approved agreements, and expiring contracts won’t get lost or misplaced.
  • Improved transparency across the organization results in efficiency gains. You can have transparency across the organization with viewing/editing/authoring rights assigned via hierarchy. No more time searching through network folders or paper files to find the documentation you need. That’s a savings in time and labor.
  • Protection against “maverick” contracts. When you use a trade promotion management system like the ContractGo solution, there is an approved format and an approval process that gives you assurance that the contract recipients will have matching terms, SKUs, dates, rates, etc. This can help prevent overpayments and reduce deductions.
  • Ensures your team stays on budget. With our easy-to-use reports and dashboards, you will always be able to review budget vs. spend at a glance.
  • Safeguards your data during employee separation. With an Excel spreadsheet or paper files, your valuable contract and customer data can easily be copied, stolen or destroyed. With the ContractGo centralized system, your sensitive data is safeguarded and seamlessly transitioned to new account/contract owners.

If you aren’t looking for highly customized features and you simply want results, contact us today to get started!

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